The 4 Seasons Coffee Table. A slab of Parota from Costa Rica sits on a unique Shedua wood (African) base. The true beauty comes from the natural live edge painted by local artist Mary Davidson. The painted edge depicts all four seasons which transitions beautifully around the edge of the piece. A truly one of a kind work of art suitable for an all year round cottage!


Mappa Burl Epoxy River Coffee Table. A beautiful black epoxy river down the center of Italian Mappa Burl. Paired with cast iron anchor legs for the base, this piece truly is a nautically themed “river” piece! The epoxy can be made to any colour you’d like!


Ash Dining Table. Ash dining table residing in a Toronto condo. Finished in a charcoal tint, the grain of the ash comes to life and offers its true beauty. Paired with two X table legs.


Live Edge Walnut Side Tables. This pair of side tables feature a unqiue round walnut top cut from a single slab for grain continuity. The beautiful brushed nickel base adds a modern flare to the natural beauty of the live edge wood.


White Oak Modular/Nesting Coffee TableThis unique design provides both form and function for this Muskoka cottage. The crisp waterfall miter joints offer a clean and sleek look for the main and modular tables. The four smaller tables nest underneath the main table, and allow the user to easily pull one out and use it as his or her convenience! Finished using a fumed pre treatment + charcoal tint, offering a subtle grey hue under the charcoal black.


Rustic White Oak Pedestal Table. This unique tulip pedestal base features a number of fancy curves and texture details to match the theme of the cottage. The round top is a small feature that works perfectly for this games table! Finished in a walnut tint.


Rustic White Oak Pedestal Dining Table. This beautiful white oak dining table features a custom pedestal base with a 4′ x 8′ breadboard end top. Hardware on the bottom side allows for two 16″ extensions to be placed at each end to seat more people. Finished in a walnut tint to match the rest of this beautiful Muskoka cottage!


Live Edge Walnut Glass River Table. Azuri Blue glass sits flush with the wood and follows the natural live edge of the piece. Custom solid walnut legs.


Live Edge Olive Wood Coffee Table. This beautiful Olive Wood cookie was sustainably sourced from Southern Italy, and is only half of what would be the full round. This is due to signs of a lightning strike that likely split the tree. The matte black hairpin legs compliment the woods true beauty.


Live Edge Cherry Cookie Side Table. Finished in a natural oil and hard wax finish, the beautiful red and pink hues are brought to life in this piece. Paired with 3 matte black hairpin legs.


Live Edge Cherry Coffee Table. The amazing reds in this piece are like nothing I’ve seen before in a Cherry slab. All the knots and cracks are filled with black tinted epoxy to fill them in as well as match the hairpin legs. The piece was chosen at our shop by our customer, as well as the design element on where to cut the piece to fit their space.



Live Edge Wormy Maple Coffee Table with Matte Black U Legs. Locally sourced from Mississauga, Ontario.



Live Edge Walnut Bench with Matte Black Metal U Legs. Locally sourced and salvaged from Toronto, Ontario.

Live Edge Wormy Maple Coffee Table with Mahogany bowtie inlays and Hairpin Legs. Locally sourced in Muskoka, Ontario.


Live Edge Walnut Coffee Table with Maple inlays and Hairpin Legs. Locally sourced from Cambridge, Ontario.